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Kreuscher Law is a group of legal professionals focusing on estate planning, elder law, trusts, investment and financial related areas of the law.

Kreuscher Law professionals are particularly skilled in using trusts to solve common estate planning problems:  passing assets to heirs with the least cost and hassle, minimizing taxes, protecting assets from nursing home risk or from creditors of children to mention a few.  Wealth transfer often times involves more than just signing a Will and hoping all goes well; it anticipates obstacles to an efficient transfer and dealing with those obstacles at the present time.

Our first client meetings are based on a "no obligation" approach.  That is, we agree to meet with you, review your situation, make valuable observations and recommendations.  If you choose not to hire us, we do not bill you for the initial conference.

Mr. Randall Kreuscher describes Kreuscher Law as a boutique of law related financial services:

Trust and Estate Planning

Retirement Planning

Asset Protection

Minimizing Nursing Home Risk

Protecting Investments


Having practiced law, served on various bank boards and worked in financial services, Randy observes that planners need common sense when delivering these complex services.  He knows that clients are fee conscious and seek advisers with integrity.


Trusts can be a key part of the plan for many of their clients.  Trusts minimize estate taxes, help avoid probate, promote smooth family wealth transfer and promote efficiency in investment planning.


The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice.  You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.

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